Helmed by Renny Harlin, this tense actioner stars World Wrestling Entertainment grappler John Cena as Det. Danny Fisher, a New Orleans cop who must save his kidnapped fiancée, Molly Porter (Ashley Scott), from the clutches of notorious crime lord Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen). A battle of wits and wills ensues as Fisher is forced to life race around the Big Easy completing 12 near-impossible tasks and solving puzzles dreamed up by Jackson. Cast:Ashley Scott, John Cena, Brian J. White, Steve Harris, Aidan Gillen, Taylor Cole, Lara Grice, Billy Slaughter, Sam Medina, Louis Herthum

Number: 10024-01

Genre: BR

Rating: 3R

Format: BR

Release Date: 2012-08-02

Type: BR

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Title: 12 Rounds - Blu-Ray