Taking place several months after the previous season, Carrie Mathison is back in the United States, living in Brooklyn, New York with her young pre-school aged daughter. She is now working at a foundation whose efforts are to provide aid to Muslims living in the United States. Peter Quinn is alive but has suffered a major stroke and is incapacitated. Saul Berenson and Dar Adal are still CIA operatives and are dealing with counter-terrorism within the United States. The season features the results of a presidential election of a female candidate, and takes place between election day and inauguration day.[3] The season also has a storyline regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Number: 27611-01

Genre: TV-SE

Rating: 1PG

Format: C-O

Release Date: 2017-02-01

Type: DVD

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Title: Homeland 6-1 (Ch 1,2,3)